23rd March 2018

In support of sports relief and as a means to raise awareness of healthy life styles we ran a week of activities, each break, which were aiming to make sports fun and entertaining!!!

 Mr Trower, Mr Turner and Mr Bentley worked together and devised sports activities putting a "GROVE ACADEMY" spin on sports activities!!!

As Sport Relief ran for five days between 19th and 23rd March, the staff team decided to run a challenge a day over the week.

As we do not have any outside space which has room for sporting activity, all activities took place down stairs in our rec room (known as “the bunker” as it is indeed an ex nuclear bunker!).

The activities were:-

Monday – Balloon Stomp Tag -stomp on the balloon with your hands behind your back.

Tuesday – Cheese Golf - Crazy golf around the bunker... with a well known red wax wrapped cheese instead of a ball...

Wednesday – Staff Vs student v food

Thursday – The teacher deadlift - aka. Wheelbarrow test your strength.

Friday – The skateboard and skittle challenge.

Scoring was completely arbitrary and the overall winner was Ethan Dickson Blythe from Year 9 for some reason... His score was 23342 hat hat biscuit D... Mr Wilkinson was second with B 32 mountain Duck.  

……….And we raised money for some worthwhile charities.