SMSC Day at The Grove Academy

6th July 2016

On the 4th of July all the pupils at The Grove Academy had a special timetable, with the theme of “Looking After.”  Dirty Maths, run by Mr Webster and Mr Hughes, looked at the awful graphs and statistics showing the number of tigers left in the world.  Pupils were thoroughly engaged but saddened.  They all came out of the lesson with thought provoking facts and figures.  SMSC Hydroponic, Science with Miss McLellan and Mrs Wilkinson looked at the varying nutrients that were needed to grow radish shoots in peat.  Pupils were able to be creative and constructed growing vessels from waste materials, using clear, plastic bottles. 

Mrs Hamilton brought the Shetland pony, Elmo to the school for the day.  She told the pupils how he had been abandoned on the motorway and is now one of the characters at Follifoot Riding School.  The pupils learnt how he likes to be looked after and were able to trot him up.  He was very well behaved and can definitely come again.  At the end of the day Elmo said goodbye to each student as they departed from the front entrance.  He seemed to want to get in a taxi to go home!  A big thank you to Follifoot for letting us look after him for the day.

Mr Turner and Miss Micklethwite took groups over to Grove House and they enjoyed a round of golf on the lawn.  Tiger Woods, look out!  Miss Collis taught the pupils how to make their own shortbread, which was delicious.  We had wonderful aromas throughout the day.   During the Art experience, the pupils thought about healthy foods and looked at the idea of Nature to Abstraction.  Pupils also learnt about the history of oils, first discovered in Afghanistan in 650 AD and which natural oils can be used with the different minerals.  All pupils created an abstract and more realistic oil mono print from a still life. 

At the end of the day all the pupils and staff came together to have a Show and Tell session about what they had experienced over the day.  Pupils and staff enjoyed the “Looking After,” SMSC experience.  There were a lot of smiley faces and laughs as they were entertained by a “Looking After” drama, presented by a student, Mr Hughes and Mr Boyce.  The teachers were both wearing long blonde wigs!  Mr Town did a great job capturing the moments, as seen in these photos.

Thank you to all the staff for their hard work, imagination and enthusiasm.


Mrs Kersey