Children in Need

18th November 2016

Children In Need was as always, an important day for everyone at The Grove Academy.  All week we had been bringing in our loose change to place around Pudsey Bear on the library table.    

Most of the pupils had been working on some art work, with the rather wild idea of holding an auction and making money for Children In Need.  We had created some fabulous work on 11.11.16 for Remembrance Day, during the Friday Challenge.  There was an explosion of poppies, some created on the pupils individually prepared papers and some simply drawn on cream paper, using pastels.  The results were so powerful that the idea came about that they were good enough to sell.  The following Friday they did! 

We held our first Art Auction at The Grove Academy with Mr Warren performing as an Oscar winning auctioneer.   A total of £64.00 was made from the sale of all 19 lots.  The atmosphere in the room was electric with faces smiling as pupils engaged in the bidding or just enjoyed listening and watching their art being bought. 

Move over David Hockney!

We raised a magnificent amount of £106.04 overall.  Well done everyone.