Anti Radicalisation Drama

17th October 2016

As part of the work The Grove Academy does around the Prevent Agenda, on Friday 13th of October the Saltmine Theatre Company visited us and built a stage and set downstairs in our recreation area.

The whole school watched the production, which was about the dangers of radicalisation and how it destroys friendships and lives. It was an extremely thought provoking experience, especially as the play focussed on two friends whose lives were torn apart by them both being drawn to extremism - one to Islamic extremism and one to right wing racist extremism- with devastating results for themselves and their families.

The play was followed by a workshop during which the students took the opportunity to ask the characters in the play what they could have done differently to avoid tragedy.

Students were left with a better understanding of tolerance and difference and continued to discuss the issues even after the theatre company had left.