Horticulture is offered to all pupils across both Key Stages. At Key Stage 3 pupils study Horticulture as a distinct curriculum subject. They are introduced to most of the basic horticultural principles and have the opportunity to grow edible and ornamental plants with organic principles in mind. During their placement all pupils have the opportunity to achieve an Entry Level qualification.

In Key Stage 3 Horticulture we also include many cross-curricular links. Science is very closely related, incorporating work on green plants and habitats. Geography is linked with work on rocks and soils, local features and on the water cycle. We also aim to use the fruit and vegetables we grow to promote healthy eating in Food Technology and to give pupils and overview of how their food gets ‘from plot to plate’.


At Key Stage 4 pupils are able to experience Horticulture at a level of their choosing. It is available as a curriculum option for those who would like to gain some knowledge of horticultural techniques and experience the growing of fruit, vegetables and flowers organically. For those who would like to take the subject further, an N.V.Q. Level 1 qualification in Practical Horticulture Skills is available. This course is available at three levels, Award, Certificate and Diploma and, as its name suggests, it is a very practical course.


For any pupils who have achieved the N.V.Q. Level 1 and would like to pursue Horticulture further, we are now able to offer N.V.Q. Level 2 in Practical Horticulture Skills at Award, Certificate and Diploma Levels.