History is taught to all full time Key Stage 3 pupils. The main focus is on local history to give students an idea of the past in their own area, and topics incorporate all the main historical skills. The subject is practical in so far as this is possible with students visiting local historical sites and museums, investigating local maps and using photography to investigate and record information.

Topics we cover include:

  • The history of a house – investigating Grove House which students can see from school.
  • The development of Harrogate as a spa town – looking at why Harrogate exists in this particular location and investigating the range and purpose of spa treatments.
  • The history of the Titanic – what happened to the ship and its passengers, why did it sink and who was to blame?
  • The history of the cold war and the role of our building as a bunker in case of nuclear attack.
  • The purpose and history of the coat of arms and the meaning of symbols and colours on a crest.
  • Life for the poor in Victorian Britain with a focus on life in the workhouse, in prison and on crime and punishment.