We aim to enable pupils to develop new skills and build on those they may already possess.  At both KS3 and KS4 pupils can obtain accredited awards, which consist of AQA Unit awards. For KS4 pupils we offer GCSE Art.

The projects within the units are designed to help pupils gain knowledge of methods and recognition of chosen artists and designers.  Pupils have the opportunity to work with acrylic paint, multi media in 2D & 3D.  They gather relevant research and produce drawings and sketches culminating in a final piece.  The projects are carefully designed to enable even the weakest pupils to produce a fair standard of work and receive at least one Unit Award at KS3.  The scheme of work has been developed with the intention of forming the core basis of work for GCSE candidates which acts as a safety net for those pupils who may not finally achieve their GCSE due to external issues that may arise. Pupils also have the opportunity to take part in field trips to galleries, exhibitions and working artists.


Congratulation to the 2017 GCSE Art pupils who achieved high grades: an A and 2 B's.  All pupils worked very hard, good luck in the future.


Mrs Kersey